When It's My Time it Will Be

Jensen Atwood and Darryl Stephens "Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom" Movie Still
From Patrik Ian Polk

  Alot of people have been asking me, "Why aren't you dating." I know that I've written about this many times before. I've even listed my reasons for being single.  I've recently gotten back into the dating game. Yes I'm finally making time to stop and smell the flowers!!!! However, I am not in a rush to find that special someone.
  It is funny though I saw a picture on Tumblr, that read "if you are a single, Gay, Black Man over 30, then you should stop trying." I so disagree with that saying. That sounded it like it came from either a jaded sugar-baby that has been scorned trying to play older men or some jackass who is over 30 and married or in a relationship.
  Now honey, sugar, sugar boo-boo, I'm 28 and single. I've had my share of relationships, flings, and cut buddies, but I'm at the stage of my life where I am preparing to accomplish some major dreams and it would be nice to have someone to share that with. Even if I don't get that special someone right now, I will be very okay with that. I'm not going to stress myself and I'm not gonna let single life get me down.
  Just as long as I have God, Family, and Music, I'm okay, but I do know that I won't be single much longer.  Right now, I'm really still finding me which, I've learned is a life long process and I hope that he can handle all that comes with me. I'm hoping that I'll find my "Wade." I'm like the late Phoebe Snow "I just want something real before I die."


  1. Follow your dreams, Lil Buddy! The right one will find you as your star shines the brightest in the galaxy! :)


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