I Don't Do Faggotry

  For people that know me, you all know that I don't do faggotry.  As a blogger, I've encountered those who have wanted to start with me because of my point of views, who I follow, who's following me, and what I decide to do on MY blog.
  Now this blog post my offend some but oh well.  With recent Gossip about Rev. Charles Jenkins and the apparently photoshopped picture because some unknown and irrelevant blogger is upset and bitter about his life, the gears in my mind started turning.  I said to myself "Bradley, that's why I'm glad I don't do faggotry."
  What is faggotry? Faggotry is unnecessary drama brought on by people who have nothing going for themselves and are just too lazy to try to make a great thing out of their lives. Faggotry is the reason why so many Black Gay men are looked down upon and shunned because we often times and unfortunately fit the negative stereotype.
  Why do you feel the need to trash someone? Is it because 1. they didn't want you 2. worked hard for what they have 3. You're just mad and bitter for no reason 4. Obviously you need love 5. All of the above?  Those reasons are not important. What is important is that I don't entertain such foolishness.  Granted in my less mature days I did however, now that I am grown, I know that I am grown. I refuse to let your jealousy run my life. I'm still going to work hard and I'm still going to do me. I'm going to be happy being me and doing me. Now have several seats and watch me as I leave a trail of dust in your face!!!


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