Is One's Sexuality Really that Important?

  With the University of Massachusetts's, sophomore, Derrick Gordon step out of the closet last week admitting and acknowledging that he was Gay.  Many said that this move was career suicide and others stated that he would only be seen as a Black Gay Man who happens to be a talented basketball player.  However, I beg to differ.
  My question to you is, is one's sexuality really that important?  We are currently living in a society where in some arenas, especially religious and political, one's sexuality can make your or break you. Sad to say that as society "progresses" we still have some ignorant people.
  Now with Derrick coming out, I think this is a brave step and acknowledges that LGBT people are in every aspect of our lives. They are in our churches, our jobs, our movies, music, construction companies.  They come in all shapes, sizes, styles, colors, hues, and also they are not all masculine, feminine, or HIV positive...THEY ARE HUMAN!!!
  Now back to sexuality and it's importance. Is it so important that a person is Gay, Bi, Straight, or Transgender that we over look their talent and their personality? Is it important that it overshadows their good will towards man and the charity work that they do? Is it that much that we limit them to a satirical character on a TV show?
  Let's not get into the satire portrayed on Gay Black Men. Make that Gay men in general. Gay men are thought of as flamboyant queens, but we have some masculine men that happen to be gay and happy, while others are just over the top, and sadly attention seeking, however, they are yet HUMAN.
  So Is One's sexuality really that important?


  1. I think it's important to the LGBT community because, as you said, we are often seen as a kind of one-note stereotype, when we are actually just like everyone else.


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