#TBT Memories of Musique

Biltmore Estates Asheville, NC circa 1998

   The above picture is from when I was in middle school.  I think I may have been in 7th or 8th Grade.  It was spring time and the flowers were blooming at the Biltmore Estates in Asheville, North Carolina.  Look at that handsome boy in the picture above LOL
     This memory is one of my favorite memories because I really found out how handsome I really am.  This picture catches me in a happy moment.  I recall that moment vividly. I was happy.  Although, I've struggled with self esteem, This picture captures me in a new essence throughout my teens.
 This is my "Throwback Thursday."


  1. Thanks for sharing the memory and the photo! Great job! BTW: still looking good, Lil Buddy!


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