Thursday Thoughts: I Love You

    As I write this post, I am anticipating great things in my life and anticipating a great weekend. I will be meeting with a very special artist this weekend at a concert and I of course will be posting about it.
  However, I'm writing about those three magic words; I Love You.  Those words have been spoken throughout all eternity and carry so much weight. Those three words have been the building and also the ruin of mankind. It has been abused, used, and carelessly thrown around.
  When I hear the words "I love you," the hopeless romantic in me jumps up and starts waltzing around the universe, but unless I see action I begin to doubt if that love is real.  With me those three words mean something and should not be taking lightly. When I say "I Love You," I'm stating my commitment to you. I'm stating that intend on us being a forever edition.
  Unfortunately, love has burned me, turned me cold, but I refuse to be alone and old. I'm like the Tinman in "The Wiz," "What Would I Do if I Could Feel?"  What would I do if I could feel "I love you" and not just hear it. I have to know it and not just utter it.  What would I do?



  1. Good that you're not bitter. We've all suffered with this emotion. Nice post, Lil Buddy!


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