Coffee: What Do You Need In a Mate?

  Coffee has become a great acquaintance of mine. I'm not sure if that is a good thing nor not LOL.  I don't know what it is, but this week I've had to have coffee and I've had to have it when I wake up in the am.  I'm like Ledisi's song "Coffee,", it keeps me from sleeping on my job!!!
  In reference to Ledisi's "Coffee," she talks about how she likes her man. She says "Serve it to [her] hot... tall, strong and dark, just like she likes [her] coffee." I happened to listen to this song in depth and she's describing what she wants in a mate. Ledisi gives us an idea of what we should look for in a mate.
  A mate should push you into doing your best and not sleeping on your A Game!!!! A mate should serve to help you and encourage you to press through the toughest moments in life, not cause you to give up.  In an intimate relationship a mate should be your strength and vice versa. It should not be 25/75. If a partner sees you lacking in an area, they should let you know what areas you need to work in and not continue to let you slack off.  They also won't go elsewhere to find what they need from you. They will be willing to fight with you and make sure that you are staying awake in the relationship.
  Your mate and you should also both have a spiritual connection within yourselves. Not pushing religion, but you both should be spiritually in tune with each other and if you are in the same religion be rooted in your faith. Do not be unequally yoked.  That can go even to the job area.  If one mate is doing all the supporting and working with finances, then something isn't right.  Even if your mate tells you that you don't have to work, honey do something to show that you are doing your part. Cook a meal, Clean the house, share some of the duties.  IT IS A PARTNERSHIP, NOT A MOOCHING EXPERIENCE!!!
  Also a mate should know how to keep things spicy, and not just in the bedroom.  A great mate will know how to spice up everyday life and spice up the boo time.  It is not always about getting that session in.  It could just be talking, slow dancing, cooking a great meal, taking a road trip, or doing something spontaneous.  Also when it comes down to different things in the relationship, you will often have to compromise.
  Compromise doesn't mean that you change who you are. Compromise means that you come to a mutual agreement on issues that you may disagree on. However, if your mate wants you to compromise who you are or your morals, then run like HELL!!! No one should want to change who you are. They should accept you for who you are and encourage you to do you and forget about man's opinions, but yet walk in integrity.  If someone truly loves you they will love you flaws and all. If they can't, then they aren't the one for you.
  What are the things that you need in a mate?


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