Falling in Love Scares Me

   So many of you know that I've come back into the dating world.  I had one prospect, but that turned out to be something that is necessary at this time. However, I may have found someone. For the sake of protecting identity we'll call him "Don." Don and I met a couple weeks ago and we hit it off instantly. We've been on a few dates and we text and call each other when we're off from work or doing absolutely nothing at all. Even with my trip to Alabama to see my Mom, Brother, Sister, Nephews, and other relatives, he text and called the whole time I was there and let me know that he was "sad" because I was gone for the 4th of July Holiday.
  After I came back in town, Don and I went out Sunday after I got done with my religious duties and he and I talked and cuddled. I enjoyed it, but for some reason, I am apprehensive.  I can't figure out why for the life of me. I feel like I'm afraid to trust him. I can tell he cares and he's not shown me a reason not to trust him.
  Could it be that I've been hurt and played so many times that I'm just a bitter person? Could it be that my intuition is right? Could it be that I'm over analyzing the situation?
  I'm just going to be honest, falling in love scares me. The thought of giving that intimate part of me ie my soul, heart, and inner most me, scares me. I've been toyed with so many times, that I'm not willing to go through that any more.
  I'm 28 years old and have never had a relationship that lasted longer than a year without that person cheating, leaving me because of me not being "masculine enough," or the fact that I'm going forth for my dreams.  I admit I am apprehensive about approaching my 30's and being alone.
  What is a guy like me to do? I'll guess I'll have to take a chance and learn any lessons this experience my throw my way.