I Have No Life

   Today, I took a moment to examine my life. I've come to the realization that I have no life.  All I do is work, church, and come home.  Yes, I've entered into a new relationship and I'm working on my first album and relocation to NorthWest DC, however it seems that there is just not enough time.
  I try to make sure that I enjoy life, however, it seems to piss people off whenever I take time for myself. Granted I spend time working on this blog and trying to make it work for me so I won't have to punch a steady 9-5 and I also try to spend time clearing my mind however sometimes I just feel like I get burned out!!!
  Sometimes I just want to scream!!!
  I'm almost 30 years old (2016) and I feel like I'm behind.  While everyone is buying their dream homes and married, I'm still dating and still trying to get half of what they have.  I feel that I have no life. I feel that I'm in danger of being unaccomplished.  I see that people that are younger than me are further ahead of me.
  It often makes me wonder "where did I go wrong." I guess it's just one of those crisis that we all face in times of great stress and pressure. I just pray that something major happens before I turn 30.


  1. First I want to thank you for your comments on MY blog!
    As far as your post today... something you need to learn....Never compare where you are in life with anyone else's. You are the most spectacular you. And in the end that is all that matters.

  2. But look at what you've done, so far. Don't try to measure your own life by the lives of others. No two are ever the same. Make time for yourself, quality "you" time. It helps.

  3. Thank you Roger and QH...I'm learning that lesson as I've come out and as I've began to venture into making myself happy. Thank you for the encouragement


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