I'm Already Justified

   I have greatly matured since the inception of this blog.  I've come into a better place than what I was even on last year.  The reason why I'm happy and in a better is that I refuse to justify myself or my actions to other people.
  This came to me after a conversation with an associate. Many people know of me being in the ballroom scene and active in ministry.  Many people know me from being a blogger and very out spoken. 
  Well a couple nights ago a friend and I were talking about the latest happenings in my life. I mentioned my latest victory at my first major ball.  The person attempted to shut me down by reminding me of religious obligations. That's when I attempted to justify myself to that associate, however in the midst of the conversation, the phone call dropped.  It was only silence.
  I played back the conversation in my mind and I asked myself "why am I explaining myself to him."  It was that point that I realized that I have no need to justify or explain myself to people. Why do I have to give an explanation of why I choose to  wear certain clothes, sing certain songs, eat certain foods, or express myself in a certain way? I don't. 
  I feel this way; if you don't like something about me and feel the need to down me, then I don't need you in my life. If you can't celebrate me and not just tolerate me, I will question why the hell you are in my life.
  If it sounds shady, I meant for it to be.
Love ya,


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