Is It Ever Okay to Date Your Friend's Ex?

  For the Question of the Day...Is it Ever cool to date you friend's ex? Do you see a problem with it? Yes or no?
  I saw a post on Facebook and it got my Piscean gears to turning. Could I or would I date my best friends ex?  I came to the conclusion of saying within myself "HELL NO!!!!"
  The reason my reply is "Hell No," is because I feel that certain boundaries would be crossed and jealousy could arise.  Let's say the relationship was a bad relationship because your friend or the ex made some crappy choices. You and the ex start dating and the best friend tries to warn you of what the ex is capable of. Nine times out of ten you'd think the friend is jealous or wants the ex back when it could be they are looking out for your well being.
  Next scenario, what if the break-up was mutual or they may still be cut buddies (Friends with benefits), that could add some drama between you and the friend especially if there are certain attachments there. Me personally, I feel that a friends ex is off limits.



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