Pet Peeves July 2014

What is a pet peeve? It is a constant source of irritation.  If you are a human being chances are you have a pet peeve or a plethora of things that piss you off.
Here are my list of things that irk me to a certain degree.
1. Lazy People: Why be lazy? Get up and do something for yourself. It slams my nerves to be around people who is always wanting to depend on other people. Why sit on your butt when you are able?
2. People who claim they are grown but don't know diddly squat: I cannot stand people who yell "I'm grown," but doesn't know how to handle the basic necessities of adulthood or refuse to gain knowledge.
3.Helicopter parents: Helicopter Parents are parents who hover over their children and do everything for their child no matter what age.  This is quite irritating, especially when dealing with 35 year olds who expect mom and dad to continue to spoil them. Don't be a helicopter parent.
4. People who call you, but will carry on 2 and 3 conversations with other people. You called to talk to me. I find it quite rude for you to have side conversations while on the phone with me.
5.Nosy People.  Keep your nose in your own business. You'll have less enemies and less drama that way.
6.Thirsty Thots: I can't stand thirsty and desperate people. Some people just don't know how to be single and cannot take rejection well. They will do anything and date anybody just to be in a relationship.
7.Ratchet People who try to sound Intelligent: I cannot stand it when people who are obviously ignorant on a subject, but try to sound like they have a Ph.D, but they didn't even graduate from high school and if they did they barely made it.
8.Argumentative people: I detest people who want to argue over details that they were told especially when they agreed and know exactly what they were getting into. This can be in regards to business, relationships, agreements, and customer service.
9. Those who always play the victim.  This is pretty self explanatory. Stop playing the victim and accept responsibility for your actions. Grow up and accept that you have to suffer the consequences of your actions.
10. Bigotry. Make reference to any member of the Republican party. Bigotry is the stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one's own and is born out stupid prejudices. This causes fear of races, orientations, and religions. This is also self explanatory.
These are some of my pet peeves.  What are yours?

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