Self Sabotage

  What is self sabotage? Self sabotage is when you speak negatively to yourself and put obstacles in your way. Self sabotage is when you basically undermine yourself and tell yourself you're worthless or won't ever have the finer things in life.
  Self sabotage is very detrimental.  After a conversation with Senor Paco, my best friend, I realized that I had been doing that a great deal of my life whenever some crisis arises in my life. Especially when dating, I happen to underestimate myself. I question why a person would find themselves attracted to me, why they want to be with me, or why they are interested in me.
  This comes after being used, abused, lied to, cheated on, and had every excuse thrown at me to break up with me or not be bothered with me.  Now I realized some relationships the other party used a cop out, but Senor Paco asked me a simple question: "Do you think that you may be to blame as to why things didn't work out in the past with some."
  I began to think about that and I realized that for some past relationships and dating ventures, I sabotaged it as soon as that person got close to me. After about an hour of hearing how I self sabotage myself, I made up in my mind "no more self sabotage." I'm very quick to let the chips fall where they may instead of giving things a chance to work out. No more self sabotage. No more undermining myself. I'm going to speak positive things into my life instead of assuming the worse.
 Life and Death lies in the power of the tongue.