Sometimes I.....

  Sometimes I don't feel like getting out of bed. Sometimes I don't feel like getting dressed. Sometimes I don't feel like doing anything. Sometimes I don't feel like moving.  Sometimes, I just want to run away.
  In these moments, I encourage myself to run on and see what the end is going to be. 
 Sometimes I want to give up, but I realize it is not in my make up. Sometimes, I want to say "to hell with it all," but then my dreams will stall.
  Sometimes, I wonder what tomorrow will hold if I hadn't made a past mistake or if I would have jumped in a lake. Sometimes, I cry and sometimes I sigh.
  But through it all I make it through those times where I question my existence.  Around my soul and heart I've build a fence only to find it didn't make sense, to block the blessings that God wants to send.  I'm sorry if this offends, but sometimes this is just how I feel.
  Right now as my heart beats still, I know that this too shall pass. This man of sass and talent refuses to quit.
  I may have few words and may often times just ramble on, Sometimes I just gotta feel what I feel and move on with my life. I will not live in strife.
Sometimes I....