There Are No Signs of DL Behavior

  Over the course of the last couple weeks, I've noticed an increase in "writers," and "bloggers" attempting to expose even more Gay men. There has been recent attempts especially on the Down Low Man in the Black Community.

   The fact that often times scorned Black Women, Bitter Queens Spurned by Love gone wrong, and those who have had a bad experience account for those who want to give "sure fire signs" of telling if someone is an Undercover Gay or Lesbian.  Do not even get me started on religious figures and those good ole gay bashing Christians who are most of the times the main ones indulging in the homosexual lifestyle.

   A couple days ago I had tweeted about down low men and those who are closeted marrying in hopes that it would make them straight and those that marry to disguise that they are Gay. I had received a reply stating that DL men do it due to being under pressure to do so.  When I clicked on the Tweeter's profile, They had a book that is designed "To give signs to tell if He's DL (down low)." 

  I immediately was irked.  There are many reasons why people are DL.  Some are DL due to profession, religious reasons, and the fact that they don't have a support system or someone to accept them as they are.  Some are DL because they are private, in that case they are what we call discreet.  

   I find it disturbing and policing when people come up with signs that a man is DL or an Undercover brother.  The top sign is if he's feminine, then he's gay. I know plenty of straight feminine men are completely hetero.  The next sign would be if he always speaking against the gays, then he's DL. Some people are homophobic and really believe the LGBT community will burn in hell. Others think that if a man isn't married by a certain age or wears certain types of clothes ie skinny jeans, long hair, that they are DL or gay.  

  What is your point? These are not signs. They are facts of life that prove that people are different and they choose to be unique regardless of sexual orientation.  One more thing I saw on another blog, is that if he always hangs out with his male friends then he is on the DL. What in the hell? Honey whoever told you that mess is dumb and stupid. Just because he hangs out with his male friends doesn't mean he's secretly boning them or getting boned. It could mean that he wants to hang out with the boys instead of being stuck up under you all the time. Yes Paranoid straight women, religious folks, and bitter queens, I'm talking to you.  Do you realize that this is adding fuel to a fire that has killed people via suicide and homophobic attacks because of lies that you are spreading with these fake ass signs to tell if someone is gay or not?

  Why is it important? Why does it matter to you if someone is gay or not? Do you desire them? Is your sex or love life that boring? The Gaydar is a myth and it is a tired excuse to label someone because they don't fit a societal gender norm.  

  Now personally, I wouldn't date a Down Low person because I'm too proud and I love me too much to hide who I love for anyone. However, I won't go on a crusade to expose every DL man I see because that is not my job. That is their journey not mine.

  Let me simply say that there is no true sign to tell if someone is DL or not, so shut your dirty pie hole and have several seats.

Love ya,

 A GenderQueer Named Musique


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