Saturday Thoughts: Michael Brown and Those Murdered By Police

  I know that I was supposed to be on a "blogcation" this week, but blogging is in my blood and I can't get it out out my system.  Thank God for blogging. It is a systematic release for me and I'm glad that I've found that is a great release.
  With the uprising in St. Louis, MO concerning the murder of Michael Brown by Ferguson Law enforcement and others that have been murdered due to police brutality, one can question what is really going on.  Why do those who are called to protect and serve feel the need to kill and murder those who look different without due process? Why is that men and women of Color are seen as a threat or less than those who are of lighter hue?
   I am angry with all deaths over the course of the last week or so at the hands of police and due to racism.  What angers me most is that the church is being mighty silent on this issue.  Isn't the church suppose to stand up for the civil rights of others? What gives? So Many thoughts are on my mind. I will write more after my blogcation,