Our LGBTQI Family Abroad: What Can We Do?

   For the last few months I've had a lot on my heart concerning our LGBTQI Family abroad. With countries such as India, Uganda, and other countries criminalizing homosexuality and ostracizing our Brothers and Sisters.  Not only do they face exile but they face death simply for partaking in one thing....LOVE!!!!
  Here lately there has been a burden on my heart.  I've asked myself "what can we as a community of people to help our LGBTQI Family abroad." I know many people have taken up donations, made petitions, and have fought hard, but I feel there is more that we can do.
  With all the calamity in the world, I feel that the USA's hands are tied. With this stupid lawsuit against our President, the War in Israel, and the Outbreak Ebola, the whole World's hands are tied. Now before I go any further, please do not start in on me Holy Rollers with Religious Propaganda. Some of you all are the reason why the LGBTQI Community is going through so much hell right now.
  In various religions, homosexuality is frowned upon, which is why a lot of Third World Countries are killing of people who are homosexual, bisexual, or trans.  What can we do?
  It troubles me to hear of people being killed simply for being who they are and not being ashamed. They are God's children. God loves them, but religious fanatics teach otherwise.
What can we do?


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