The Reason I Blog

 One thing I'm learning to do in life is to take some time out for me.  With a more than hectic schedule and life changes all around me, I realize that me time is very effective and necessary.  Sometimes in life we've got to yell "Time Out!!!"
   There is nothing wrong with regrouping yourself.  The reason why I'm writing this piece is that right now I feel a little burnt out with life, blogging, and what not. However, I'm still going to continue to write.
  I often wonder, if what I'm writing interesting. I ask myself "how many people are viewing this blog," "why do you keep blogging for," "what's your point."  For each question I have an answer.
  First answer, Just as long as one person views this blog I am happy. Second Answer, I keep blogging to help others and to ease my mind. Third answer, Everyone needs an encouraging word, some news, or some truth.  I may not be a celebrity or media whore blogger, nor am I a faggoty shady blogger, I'm just me. I have my opinions and I write about them, however I would NEVER demean someone or do like some other bloggers who have rose to fame, and take jabs at people who are obviously making more money than me. I just don't see the point.
  I believe in being positive. Now granted some people want me to shut this blog down, but if it happens, it will be on my own terms and not theirs.  I'm going to keep blogging. I may not have much to say. I may not make sense, but this my blog.


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