He's Cute, But The Femininity is Ugly

  Many of us Black Gay Men have heard the saying "no fats, no fems," and sayings such as the like.  I've heard people in my crew say " he was cute, until he sounded like a girl," or " He would be sexy if he wasn't such a queen." 
   Many people confuse femininity in a Black Gay man with the over the top, Flamboyant Gay man.  A Feminine man who shares characteristics that society deem are more equated to a woman. However, a flamboyant man is "extra," over the top, loud, and often times draws unnecessary attention to themselves. Sometimes it's the excess that is unattractive.
  However, with this blog, I want to explore the fact that feminine men are often seemed as undesirable or just plain filthy or disgusting.  Well, I have news for all you "no fats, no fems," brothers out there:  We are more man that you will ever be.
  Many are asking "Musique, how can you say that." For starters we are more man than you will ever be. We may be androgynous, called "transgender," fembots, and Queens, but we dare to be ourselves and we dare to be different.  My question is, since we are all same gender loving, why all the hatred and dislike towards feminine Gay men?
  Is it because of the Patriarchal teachings? Is it because a man that seems to take a more submissive role is frowned upon? Or is it a perception of what a woman is to be in a marriage or society?
  But We're Gay!!!! Now don't get me wrong I understand some people have a preference, but what about accepting the feminine Gay men for who they are...FEMININE GAY MEN!!!
  The notion that I and people like me are ugly is a myth. I'm a feminine man that is also attracted not just to masculine Gay Men, but to feminine Gay Men.  However, I've noticed that not all fem guys are attracted to me. The same with masculine men. I'm not attracted to all masculine men and they aren't all attracted to me. However, I'm attracted to Gay Men Period. It doesn't matter if they are Fem or masc.  So why can't some to most masculine men get rid of the phobia that feminine men will contaminate them and disown them like they are just the scum of the Gay community?
  We deserve love to!!!
  There is a part 2 coming ,


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