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Rogue "Marbie" Scott
  Ladies and Gentlemen,
 October 20, 2014 will be a landmark day for the Black Gay Men all over the world. Youtube personality and writer, Rogue "Marbie" Scott shares his experiences as a Gay Man of Color in the UK, in the anthology Black and Gay in the UK. Team Angelica Publishing, states that the anthology will "the young and less formally-expressed alongside the elders; the insights of those more recently-arrived alongside those born and raised here; and the wisdom of those who are already known alongside that of the Future Legends," (http://www.teamangelica.com 2014).

   Black and Gay in the UK will bring experiences of Gay, Black Men center stage.  Look out for this ground breaking anthology on October 20, 2014. For more info click on the following link: http://www.teamangelica.com/black-and-gay-in-the-uk.
  Live, Love, & Be Free,