Strength in Saying "No"

  Recently I had a situation in which someone called me "weak" just for saying no to a proposition that could land me in a lot of trouble spiritually and could really mess up my life. That often happens in life whenever someone offers us a deal that sounds too good to be true or when we are in relationship and someone wants to sample our tasteful nectar saying no will make them mad and cause us to seem like a punk, wuss, or weak. However,  I've often found that saying "no" is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of us being stronger than what we thought.
  Saying "no," will also allow you to see who your real friends are.  Whenever a person asks you for a favor and you really can't help them and you say "no," their reaction and actions will say a lot.  If they say "I understand man. You're always there for me," they are very understanding. If afterwards they still hang around you and end up giving back to you for what you've done for them, then they are for real. However, If they say "Why can't you help me? You're full of it," then it's time for you to run away from them and leave them be.  By you saying "no,"  you have just eliminated your parasites.
  Again saying "no" means that you are stronger than what you appear to be.  Even when it comes to people attempting to tempt you to do dangerous stuff "no" expresses your integrity.  Remember your "no" shows strength.