7 Days of Solitude: A Fresh Journey

  As I write this blog to you, I've found myself horribly distracted here lately.  The distractions include life, family, work, and my own crazy mind.  With so much going on sometimes it is hard to focus and it is hard to get peace of mind.
  Here lately I have been struggling with topics to write in this blog. I've struggled for new things to talk about on youtube.  Is it possible that there is too much going on around me? I've gotten to the place to where I've declined invites to go out to write music and I've began ignoring phone calls to focus on me.
   I think it is time again for me to steal away and refresh myself for a while.  Every now and then we need a refreshing in life. I am a firm believer in taking some time away.
  For the next 7 days, I will be taking some time for me, however, you all will be taking that journey with me. I will still be blogging and posting.  WARNING: This may also invoke a change of routine for me and you as well.
Live, Love, and Be Free,


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