Black Friday Rest and Relaxation #Boycott

 It's Black Friday, The Day after Thanksgiving and I'm just happy to be off. I'm thankful that I got to see my family for one more holiday. Although, I had other plans, I realize that things happen for a reason. I am glad that I've had this holiday time off. It allows me to refresh and not deal with the bullcrap that comes with customer service. 
  I pray that you all are having a great Holiday Week and are living life. Now as far as Black Friday are concerned, I am not participating in the capitalistic holiday.  I have better things to do. I'm going to use my money to help family and to spend my money on things that matter and not all these toys, makeup , clothes and other stuff that will quickly be discarded. That's just my opinion and standpoint. If you don't like it, oh well.
 However in a sense I am boycotting world injustices as I do everyday of my life especially after the deaths of unarmed Black men in this country and not just Black Men and Women, but injustices that affect us all. It doesn't matter if we are Gay, Straight, Bisexual or Transgender or Transexual, injustice is wrong.
  I've really never saw a point in Black Friday. It's just a reason for people to spend their money on useless stuff.
 I digress,
You all have a great weekend,