Day 7: Pressure Into Praise

  Yesterday was Monday for sure.  Where as last Monday was an atypical Monday.  For starters, I had to take my precious car, Yara to get some work done due to an accident, however much to my chagrin, It threw me late to work and I was irritated because apparently my shady behind claims adjuster didn't book the rental as he had promised. Not to mention that, I had mailed somethings off to my lien holder last Tuesday and They still haven't gotten the documents yet!!!
  I was just livid and irritated. Not to mention that my money is acting funny and my change is acting strange. However, I had to get a good grip on myself and turn my pressure into praise.  It hit me as I was sitting at my desk dealing with rude customers and peoples attitudes because they are too lazy to pay their own bills, "Turn Your Pressure Into Praise." I had to take a page from Paul and Silas. So in my spirit, I started singing the Lucinda Moore hit "Pressure Into Praise."
   How can you turn your pressure into praise? Well Start thanking God for life, health and strength. Although you are facing challenges, thank God that you are surviving the challenges. Although you may not have a lot, thank God for what you have. Praise God that He's yet with you and that he's seeing you through the test.  I've found that it's in praise that I find my strength.