Don't Count My Pockets!!!!

  One thing that I hate for people do think, is that they are entitled to the money that I make. Especially Family. That is a very, very large pet peeve with me. When someone counts your pockets,
 that means that they look at your wardrobe, your car that you drive, and what you do during the weekend and the weekend and attempt to determine how much money you make and possess.
  This has proven true with one of my relatives...the Dear Uncle.
  Recently, I received my portion of a settlement and I made the stupid mistake of saying something to Dear Uncle about the settlement.  This man had the audacity to ask me for 99 percent of the settlement...I looked at him like he had lost his everlasting life. If looks could kill, trust he'd been dead, brought back to life, and killed again.
  It's annoying whenever pay day arrives or I have to pay bills or I go shopping, that Dear Uncle always asks for money or always makes requests for what I've worked hard for.  Since, I am currently living with him, I do help out with groceries and help out with the bills of the utilities that I use. I do my best by him and I do as much as I can without breaking myself.
  Over the weekend, my baby love gave me a pair of shoes and Dear Uncle asks "I see that you got a new pair of shoes, but you claim you are limited on money." When Dear Uncle cracked them old, crusty lips of his that need a woman or man or which ever he prefers, I said to myself "Bitch, Please Stop Counting My Pockets."
  I quickly quipped back, "these were a gift." I automatically tuned him out. During this 7 Days of Refreshing and Me time, I've really been holding my tongue and ignoring a lot of peoples antics. Why? I don't have time for childish, attention seeking, adults who don't know how to stay the hell out of their feelings.
  It's a New Day and a New Yannick (Musique).  I guess It's time to piss some people of. However,
whatever you do, please don't count my pockets. My money is not your money. You did not work eight plus hours to get that check, nor did you go through hell to rehearse with people who are difficult, and nor did you have the idea to write anything in any of my blog posts or vlogs.
DON'T $&%*^(% Count My Pockets!!!!