Monogamy, Polyamory, Open Relationships: The Aftermath

Shortly after I did the post concerning monogamy, polyamory, and open relationships, I got attacked a Robert Ketterman on Google+. The above picture details our conversation.
It was funny to me because he's a bigot and a President Obama hater. As I read his profile I noticed the religious propaganda against the LGBTQIAP community. He also is against women's rights, equal rights with a hint of racism. The crazy part about the whole situation is that she attempted to deliver me from my sexual sins.
  Obviously he did not know read the blog post but only saw the title. However I remained unbothered and I'm still un- bothered.  I'm okay with it. Why you may ask? I'm okay because by him constantly commenting on the post via Google Plus he just gave me free publicity and I want to tell him thank you for the free publicity and the free views.
  It's funny how people say that same sex marriage ruins the sanctity of marriage but I question your third fourth fifth and sixth marriages. Please do not get me started on infidelity an adulterous affairs.  Before you point out my so called sin, take the big old two by four out of your forehead.
Good day love you,

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  1. Good for you for standing you ground! Nice work!

    1. Thanks...As a Christian myself, I Find some of my fellow believers to be horrendously stupid


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