#TBT The Growing Inspirations

   The picture above is of the Guys of a church choir that I used to sing with called "The Growing Inspirations."  I was about 6 or 7 at the time that this picture was taken.  We used to sing in local churches and we've traveled as well.
  Guess which one is me...Yes the one up front with the pic smile and the bright...Yannick Taylor had a promising music career back in the 90s lol Look at God lol.
  One of my favorite songs that I used to sing was the Sounds of Blackness's "I Believe," that featured Ann Nesby.  I also loved singing hymns in church.
  Sadly, to say the Growing Inspirations dismantled in 1999, after many trials and tribulations and church drama.  Now with the Growing Inspirations, I did experience times where church folks were on a witch hunt, because I was obviously "different" as they would call it and because I honed my craft and make sure I did my best in all my endeavors.
  But it's neither here nor there.
  Have a great Throwback Thursday.
Yannick aka Musique


  1. Great photo...thanks for posting it! You were a professional even at that young age! Nice work, Lil Buddy! :)


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