I HATE BIGOTRY: God Help Pat Robertson

  It has been a few days or more since I've last written my actual thoughts in this blog. As I look at society and religious groups, I realize that one that I hate is bigotry.  I cannot stand someone who is intolerant of a different culture, belief, orientation, opinion, or anything that is different from their own belief.  With the recent attack on the Gay community by asshat Pat Robertson from the 700 Club, I wonder if God is really pleased with such hatred and ignorance.
  He can't be of course. For starters , Pat a so called Christian is full of hate and it is obvious from the speeches he always speaks concerning the Gays.  As much time as he spends demeaning other people it makes me wonder if Pat is gay himself. You know what they say, you talk enough ish about a group of people, you become suspect.  To me Pat Robertson has become no just senile but a lot of crap. for Christ's Sake He sounds and looks like my last bowel movement.
  It's people like Pat Robertson that make people like me not want to bother with religion.  Although I am a Christian, I am very open minded. I happen to research the Bible and religion for myself. I've learned that people don't research or study, but lean to others for a jacked up perception about who, what, and how God is.  From my experience, God is not some tyrant that hates gays.   He hates asshat attitude like Pat Robertson.
  God help Pat Robertson before he causes anymore damage.