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Muscling to my Future

As of the past 24 hours, I've made a conscious decision to press forth towards my future. I've made a decision to go forth and get my goals.  It all starts with making one step at a time.
  Phase 1 of my reinvention and goal is completing the move better known as Destination DMV.   I've also been networking within the music industry which I know will take time, however, with current goals I'm having, I realize that I can't do everything at one time. I am thankful for this journey that I'm on.  I'm looking forward to no longer having to work a  9 to 5, but having my own and doing something that I love and enjoy: music, acting, and writing.  Sometimes we have to hit a brick wall in order to wake up.
  I'm muscling it to my future right now and I refuse to be held back. I admit, I've come a long way since I've started this blog.  Some days are better than others as I progress.
  I'm constantly thinking of the possibilities. It is now time …

Jazmine Sullivan Will Make a Live Comeback in London

Word on the block is that  Ms. "Bust Ya Windows," Jazmine Sullivan is to be making a comeback in the British Capitol.  She will be rocking KoKo in London on March 30th, 2014.  It is has been four years since the 26 year old, sultry songstress, graced us with her sophomore project "Love Me Back."
Although "Holding You Down," didn't burn the charts, it did affirm Sullivan as one of R&B's brightest star. I'm anxious to see what the future will hold for her after this live comeback. You can click HERE for tickets. Get them while you can.

My Current Place in Life

As I sit up writing this entry, I'm currently evaluating my current spot in life. I'm evaluating decisions and where I feel I should be right now.  I can't quit understand why I'm thinking about my future so heavily right now.   It started earlier this week as I started my work week.  I'm really frustrated with working a steady 9-5. I would rather own my own business where I don't have to work as hard and I am ready for my music career to take off. Granted I have been making big steps with this blog and with the Bradley ShowI've done all that I know to do at this point. I'm in a place of frustration. The things I love doing I'm at a point that I don't really want to be bothered. However, I know that I'm being prepared for greater.
   I know greater is coming. The question is when is it coming.  I know its coming. Here I am 27 years old, soon to be 28 in less than 2 months and I feel like sometimes my living has been in vain.  I guess …


♫Musique's Poetry♫

Evander Holyfield: Being Gay Is Like a Handicap

Good old Revy Rev, Evander Holyfield has ignited a war with recent comments on the UK's "Celebrity Big Brother."   
  Evander Holyfield after a talk with a housemate concerning LGBT sports figures, he states that being gay is no different than a handicap and that medical treatment can fix it. Ummm Did he say that when he had an issue with having children outside of his marriage bed?
  The video has caused an uproar on since it premiered on the internet. Granted he is a preacher and all that Christian stuff shouldn't he be worried about his bankruptcy and child support papers?
  In my opinion the comments were uncalled for.  Its been proven that homosexuality cannot be cured despite popular belief.  I thought Christians were to show love. Guess I was wrong. Check out the video below.

Desperate Men, Moscato, and Musique

It's Saturday Night/Early (1am) Sunday Morning and I'm up watching television and relaxing before bed. As I sip on some sweet, ole Moscato, watching "Django," starring Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio, I can't help but recap on life and some of the experiences that I've had in life, especially over the last couple days.
  One thing that you will hear me say is "thirsty is not cute."  This means that desperate men are not attractive to me.  If you show that you can't handle "no" for an answer and you keep begging and saying "no one loves or wants me," then you've not only pissed me off, but you've allowed me to see why you are single.
  See I've come to realize that no one wants a desperate, begging man. Why? Most people want someone who is assertive and able to stand their ground...NOT SOMEONE WHO'S BEGGING FOR ATTENTION.
  It's like this in order to be loved by someone else you must first love yourse…