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Go Get Your Life

"Go Get Your Life," is a term that I've been hearing since my days as a female impersonator in Charlotte, NC. It was a common thing to be on stage and hear the crowd or the host of the weekend cabaret yell "Girl, go get your life!!!" Recently Tamar Braxton and other celebrities have been using this phrase as part of their jargon and mantras.  One can also apply "get your life," to their own existence. "Get your life," means simply live.  It means live your life to the fullest, reach high for your dreams, and forget what others have to say.  When one "gets their life," they are simply enjoying life and enjoying all that it has to offer.  Getting your life doesn't mean party till you drop or do crazy things, it simply means make the best and reach for the best.    I've learned that when you get your life, it doesn't mean just get life or enjoy the present moment, but make a lasting impression.  It means go further than th…

@MontreBible Best Places to Meet Gay Guys

Tired of the horny creeps and catfish scenario's from Jack'd, A4A, BGC. Well Montre of the hit blog Montre Bible, gives us the best places to meet Gay guys. You'll love his take on the Gay dating scene.

Nothing to Lose (the Clark Sisters Cover)

You all know that I am a fan of The Clark Sisters.  One of my favorite songs by them is "Nothing to Lose (Jesus Unhooked the Chains)." This song really encourages to keep pushing because God gave me nothing to lose but all to gain.  Here is my recent cover on youtube. Love ya,
Musique aka Bradley

@ShirleyBEniang Live a Healthy & Happy Life... 10 Tips!

Meet Shirley B. Eniang, a beautiful Mathemetician, Youtuber, and Fashionista!!!  Shirley has a style and grace that encourages and uplifts.  With Her blog, "Shirley's Wardrobe," she encourages us with tidbits from her life and blesses us with awesome fashion tips as well.
  Recently, Shirley released a Vlog via Youtubewith 10  tips on living a healthy and happy Life.  If you want to live healthy, happy, and less stressed check out her video below. You can follow Shirley by clicking on the highlighted RED LINKS in this post and also on Instagram as well at

My Weekend With Mother Musique

Hello Guys,
 I pray that you all had a great weekend.  Mine was blessed. I have no complaints. My weekend was blessed. This past weekend my biological, Mother Musique, came in for a visit. It was special because as many of you know August 2013, I was able to finally meet her and a lot of her side of the family at my younger sisters' wedding.
  I thank God for the weekend we spent together. We went shopping, ate dinner, and most of all, she got to see my dad, her ex-husband, for the first time in 27 years.  My dad's reaction was priceless.  We also took Mother Musique to see my grandmother, my dad's mom, and she also went to church.
  It was a joy to have my mother in church and hear her say that she was in church with "my son."  Mother Musique thoroughly enjoyed the church service and seeing me active in ministry.
  However, I was thankful to hear a lot about her background and how she grew up in Alabama.  That's a long story for another day.
  There is n…

Thank You Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Self Hatred and Black Gay Men: SOUND OFF Y'ALL!!!

Today, I haven't posted a picture for this entry because I really couldn't find anything, in my honest opinion, that would fit this topic. Today's topic is Self Hatred and the Black LGBT Community.   This entry stems from a post on Facebook that was a picture of some young men that appeared to be in their late teens to early twenties. They were dressed in what we call "cunt" clothes, meaning they were dressed feminine, yet stylish.  However, as I read the comments of course there was the normal "I don't mind fem dudes, but I won't date them,"  and "They look fabulous."  Some comments also encouraged the young men to express themselves.   However, one comment ticked me off royally, came from a misogynistic, self loathing, donkey's behind. He stated "I find this repulsive. They look ridiculous."  He even had the gall to state that like some of those "Sissies" as Donkey's Behind stated  From "Paris is …