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Saturday Thoughts: RIP Aunt Annie

Well It is Saturday and This also starts the beginning of a busy next couple months. I have church, music, and family engagements.  I hadn't mentioned much about what's been going on on the home front, but this past Thursday my family and I suffered a lost.
  My Great Aunt Annie passed away.  She was 97 and she was very accomplished.  It has been a rough last couple days, but thank God for His comfort.  I thank God for the time I've had with my great aunt.  It's still fresh, but I do know that she's in a better place.
Well that's all I have to say for right now.

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

It is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Know your status, Get Tested, Seek Treatment.  It is important that we know also our partners status. Let's make an effort to educate all people concerning HIV/AIDS.

Wednesday Thoughts

I thought I would've been taking a blog-cation but I guess you all can see otherwise.  It's Wednesday and since American Horror Story: Coven had its finale, I am no good and I guess that means I'll be hitting the gym again.  For the last couple months, I've been kinda. Yes, I have been lazy.  I've been experiencing tiredness and I'm guessing due to the stress of trying to get things together for my move to DC in September and with family issues happening.
  However through it all, I am persevering. I'm staying focused and positive. Things may not happen in my timing but in God's timing.  It's been a bit frustrating putting back money for the money because it seems as if all that wants to happen is happening however, all shall be well. I'm still job hunting and apartment hunting. Reminder if you are interested in helping me succeed in the move I am accepting donations for the move. You will see links to the right of this blog. You can make the…

@TheLavaLizard @TriniTrent The Displacement of Black Artists in Music

Meet, Trini Trent, host of Trini Trent TVand founder of The Lava Lizard.  Trini Trent, is one that will analyze R&B, Pop, and Hip-Hop like there is no tomorrow. He adds meaning to his commentary.
  In a recent video Trini talks about the Displacement of Black Artists in Music.  Trini digs back in to history dealing with Elvis, exposes racism, and explains the treatment of Black artists in the industry. Trini even deals with the dreaded "N" word in pop culture and the public figures who have thrown the word around like it is nothing.  Get into his video below.  You will gain knowledge about White privilege in the world.

Happy Birthday, Rosa Parks

Happy Birthday to Civil Rights Pioneer Rosa Parks.  Her refusal to take a seat to social and racial injustice has paved the way for us all in today's society.  December 1st, 1955 was the day Rosa Parks said "no" to Jim Crowe and opened up doors that all nationalities, races, orientations...all people would be able to walk through.
Happy Birthday and Thank you

I Am Black History, I Am World History

It is Black History Month.  Black History is World History.  Let us not forget those people of Color who are the backbone of civilization itself. I am Black History, therefore I am World History

Blogcation and Destination DMV or either buy a new one

Hello Everyone,.
  I will be on a brief blogcation due to my laptop crashing and my hectic work schedule. However, I will be sharing older posts and trying my best to chime it. I'm having to get my laptop repaired. Meanwhile, I am still working on Destination DMV. However without my laptop, my job search has been temporarily halted.  I really am trying to figure out how I am going to survive without my laptop...This is not going to be a fun adventure. To  find out more info on Destination DMV, click below.