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Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Happy Birthday To ME!!!! Today is the Day that I turn the big 28. Yes I'm 28 and I'm not ashamed.  I thank God for this day and I thank God for 28 years of life health and strength.  I've overcome many obstacles and I've come through many dangerous toils and snares. I also want to thank you all for your love and support for this Blog and the Bradley Show. Love you much,

I Am Good Enough

You are Good Enough.


Gladys Knight & The Pips- If I Were Your Woman #TBT


He'll Make a Great Dad

I love how the picture placed in this entry depicts that society creates gender roles for toys that kids play with. However, it shows that toys can nurture necessary qualities in parenting in the image above.
♫Musique's Poetry♫

It's Hump Day


My Reasons for Being Single

Many people often ask me why I'm single and why it has been so long since I've dated. Well I'm going to compile a list of reasons as to why I'm single. 1. I'm very driven and ambitious   By me actively seeking to better myself and working on not only my music career, but furthering this blog and making sure that I am able to work for myself in the near future, some candidates are intimidated by that and some guys fear that I'm too busy. The reason that I am so busy right now is because I'm single and I have no one to take my focus away from being busy. 2. I'm feminine.   I'm not the most masculine men, but I'm not the stereotypical finger snapping, gum popping queen either. Yes I listen to Beyonce, Diana, and I can duckwalk for Joseph, but I also love Lou Rawls, Donnie Hathaway, Luther Vandross, Tyrese, Drake, and the Temptations. I love classical music, Jazz, Opera.  I may be feminine, but I'm still a man that handles responsibility and does wh…

Taste the Rainbow


Don't Be Afraid of Rejection

When one rejects you, it means that you're a cut about the rest.

Favor -Karen Clark Sheard Cover

Singing is my Passion. Music is my life. Many of you may have seen my cover/rough draft of Karen Clark Sheard's "Favor," from the album "It's Not Over Live."   I'm trying my hand and recording with my home studio. Right now I am in the process of working on an album and getting my music that I've produced and written, licensed under copyright and to try to do a debut album.  Below you will find the video of the cover of "Favor." Also if you want to contribute concerning the move to DMV as well as My Music career you can click on the widget below the video or click on the widget on the right side of the blog site. Love ya and Enjoy,