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If I Was Your Man

I'm an old soul and I can't help it.  For the last month Gladys Knight and the Pips harmonious voices singing "If You were my woman" have been in my spirit.  I've been singing that song "If I was your woman" for over a week. Well I finally decided to my response to the classic from Gladys Knight. Check it out Below. Also click on the link in the description box of the video. I am working on getting a mixtape out by Summer of 2015. More info to come. Love ya, Musique

Musique's Poetry at a Glance

Musique's Poetry has been functioning since 2011 and I'm glad to say that it is still standing. It's a viewpoint from a Black Man's point of view. I may not be a celebrity from blogging, but I am doing something that I love and that is reaching people. I may not 1 million views, but I'm excited for what I do have.
  So many times people often think your views mean your status in life...I beg to differ. My views mean that I have something going for myself and that I'm on a mission.  My views prove to me that I am not worried about being famous but having a heart for the people.  I guess this is Musique's Poetry at a glance.
  I don't fit into other people's boxes and I love it.

Thursday Thoughts: I Love You

As I write this post, I am anticipating great things in my life and anticipating a great weekend. I will be meeting with a very special artist this weekend at a concert and I of course will be posting about it.
  However, I'm writing about those three magic words; I Love You.  Those words have been spoken throughout all eternity and carry so much weight. Those three words have been the building and also the ruin of mankind. It has been abused, used, and carelessly thrown around.
  When I hear the words "I love you," the hopeless romantic in me jumps up and starts waltzing around the universe, but unless I see action I begin to doubt if that love is real.  With me those three words mean something and should not be taking lightly. When I say "I Love You," I'm stating my commitment to you. I'm stating that intend on us being a forever edition.
  Unfortunately, love has burned me, turned me cold, but I refuse to be alone and old. I'm like the Tinm…

Can Long Distance Relationships Work?

So Many of you know that I've recently thrown myself back into the dating game. There have been some suitor's but there is one that I'm sticking with. We'll call him Leland. Leland and I met last year via Facebook.  We met in one of the groups that I participate in Facebook.  He and I are both into the church, both are unique, we both love musicals, and we have so many opposite qualities that seem to push us together.
  Leland is a great guy. I can tell it in the way we talk on the phone, Skype, text, Facebook. However there is one drawback. He's in New York and I'm in South Carolina....Now before you all start judging me and hounding me about Destination DMV. Many people have stated "Musique, Find you someone in DC."
Yes, that seems logical, but I'm curious to see how this will work with me and Leland.  We've spent so much time getting to know each other and we have an understanding. Even when it seemed like I may have found someone here …


Hello Everyone,
  It is with sadness that I write you all. After much stress and drama in life, that I've decided to end this blog.  It has began to take a toll on me that I often don't write about, but here it is. Goodbye.....

  No you all know I am not going out like that. I pray that you all have a great day and please limit your pranks and April Fool's Jokes okay?  Love ya, Musique

Oh Lord It's Monday


Jacky Clark Chisolm Says "Don't Get Mad It's My Season

Jacky Clark Chisolm advises "Don't You Get Mad, It's My Season,"  with her latest single "My Season."She is making strides and making great waves in her follow up album to her 2005 release "Expectancy."   And who else is at the helm of production? B. Slade, darling!!! B. Slade and Jacky leave  their insignia on "My Season"  and really causes you to walk into your season of promise and greatness.  Jacky has also included another entitled "On My Mind,"  as well. Check out "My Season," below.  "My Season," and "On My Mind"  are available on iTunes. GET THESE SONGS NOW!!!!