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Dorinda Clark Cole - Take It Back

Is One's Sexuality Really that Important?

With the University of Massachusetts's, sophomore, Derrick Gordon step out of the closet last week admitting and acknowledging that he was Gay.  Many said that this move was career suicide and others stated that he would only be seen as a Black Gay Man who happens to be a talented basketball player.  However, I beg to differ.
  My question to you is, is one's sexuality really that important?  We are currently living in a society where in some arenas, especially religious and political, one's sexuality can make your or break you. Sad to say that as society "progresses" we still have some ignorant people.
  Now with Derrick coming out, I think this is a brave step and acknowledges that LGBT people are in every aspect of our lives. They are in our churches, our jobs, our movies, music, construction companies.  They come in all shapes, sizes, styles, colors, hues, and also they are not all masculine, feminine, or HIV positive...THEY ARE HUMAN!!!
  Now back to sexu…

Sylvester-One Night Only

Sylvester (James), the Original Queen of Disco, has been a great influence in my musical life. As I've learned about him and I've indulged myself into his music, I am thankful that, Sylvester was a pioneer in the music industry that lived, loved, and was free!!!
  I happened to come across a cover of "the Dreamgirls" hit "One Night Only" cover that he's performed. The writers Henry D Krieger and Tom Eyen prepared these lyrics and have allowed many artists to add this to their repertoire. I love Sylvester's interpretation of this hit. Get into it below. Love ya,

Childhood, Friendships, and Changes

Recently, I got news that a childhood friend of mine, Arthur, got married.  I am very happy for him and I'm glad for him finding a young lady that will be with him for better or worse and all that good stuff.
  Arthur and I were the best of friends in our childhood and going on in our teen years, but somewhere it changed once we reached middle school.  I guess it was the fact that we were both hitting puberty and he was into sports and I was a geek and I loved music and church. Now granted at that time we both dated the ladies. Also there were rumors of me being Gay.
  He and I tried to remain friends however, Arthur changed and started hanging around the main people that were those taunting and bullying me.  I remember inviting him to a couple of my birthday cookouts, but he didn't show up and we just grew apart.
  I always felt that because I was suspected of being Gay and partly coming out in high school, that ended our friendship. I wasn't upset about it though.  …

Deep Waters- Incognito Featuring Maysa


Monday Thoughts: GO FOR YOUR DREAMS!!!!

It's another Monday. Another day going into the "dungeon" aka the workplace. As I write this piece, I am preparing myself for the work week. I am also preparing myself for my dreams that lie ahead.  Being in the work force for the last ten years and working for other people has come with great benefits, but one must go for their dreams and do something that they love.
  Going for your dreams may cause you to sacrifice. It may also cause you to cut some ties, but never the less, going for your dreams have been God ordained for you life. Your dream is what God has been giving to you accomplish. It is not just a dream, but it is your mission. It is your call.
  Go get your dreams and do the thing now!!!! Don't waste another minute.
  Just a quick Monday Thought,