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The Clark Sisters Featuring Damita Haddon "Is My Living In Vain."

Gays Want...: Effemiphobia, Self-Hate, and Misogyny

Do You Agree With This?
   I happen to come across this picture on Facebook earlier.  The picture depicts gays wanting a loving relationship, but since they act flamboyant, or feminine, they chase after muscles but end up alone.  Do you agree with this?   It seems that all you see with a lot the Black Community is that they want a hypermasculine man, when not all of us men in the LGBT community are masculine. Don't the flamboyant, feminine even messy queens deserve love to?  To me this represents that if a man acts with the slightest bit of femininity that he is worthless like a penny with a hole in it.   Personally, I don't agree with this picture. While it is impossible to find the model that will love you for you, I do find it possible for a feminine, flamboyant dude to find someone who will accept him for him. I didn't know that just because you express yourself in a certain way, listen to Beyonce, or have a break in your wrist that you are worthless. The last time ch…

Not Everyone Will Like You

One thing that I've learned as a singer, blogger, and youtube personality, is that not everyone will like you.
There will always be those who think that your views, songs, or personality is a joke.  However, I've learned not to take it personal. People will have something to say about whatever you do or go.  With a recent blog post on effemiphobia and somethings that were posted on Facebook, I've come under attack, which really encouraged me and made me laugh at the same token.
  Although some feel that the article was a joke and others felt it was a good article, I think I served my job as a blogger. As with any blog or article on a personally hosted or owned venue, it is solely that person's views. If it offends some, cause some to not agree, cause some to agree, or makes some happy or sad, its cool. That's life.
  Understand that when I write in this blog it is not to offend or cause hurt, or to be a joke as some stated,but to express my thoughts and feelings…

Coffee: What Do You Need In a Mate?

Coffee has become a great acquaintance of mine. I'm not sure if that is a good thing nor not LOL.  I don't know what it is, but this week I've had to have coffee and I've had to have it when I wake up in the am.  I'm like Ledisi's song "Coffee,", it keeps me from sleeping on my job!!!   In reference to Ledisi's "Coffee," she talks about how she likes her man. She says "Serve it to [her] hot... tall, strong and dark, just like she likes [her] coffee." I happened to listen to this song in depth and she's describing what she wants in a mate. Ledisi gives us an idea of what we should look for in a mate.
  A mate should push you into doing your best and not sleeping on your A Game!!!! A mate should serve to help you and encourage you to press through the toughest moments in life, not cause you to give up.  In an intimate relationship a mate should be your strength and vice versa. It should not be 25/75. If a partner sees you…

Performance Keeeeee!!!!!

Kids React to Interracial Cheerios Commercial

Busy Week for Musique

Hey there everyone!!!. I want to thank you all for you continued love and support for Musique's Poetry. It means so much to me. Thank you also for your love and support.
  This week will be a busy week for me as I will be teaching some classes as well as preparing for an even this Friday.  Don't forget that it is also Mother's Week!!! I've also have to catch up on my rest as I've been ordered.

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