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Disco Inferno Cover

Enjoy Your Weekend!!!

What's Your Perception?

What's Your Perception of yourself? Are you enough? Are you inefficient? Are you real? Are you fake? Who are you? Are you yours or theirs? What's your perception?

Stay in the Race

No Matter the Curve Balls, Stay in the Race. Musique

I'm Sorry I Can't Date You

Call me shallow, gold digger, prideful or whatever, you want to concerning this blog post, but I must vent my feelings and how I feel.
  Now I'm single and not bitter at the least.  Some may say that I'm single by choice and others may say otherwise. One reason that I'm single could possibly be my standards.
  One thing that you all know about me is that I've been out and proud since 2010. I'm independent meaning I work, pay my bills, strive for the best, and at least can manage to keep a car, my cell phone on, and very wise with my spending.  Now some may say I'm a bitch for admitting this oh well, #BYEFELICIA!!!
  Here recently, I've had , in their mind, potential suitors trying to woo me, but there's been one problem: They have no car, no money, and no priorities. They don't even have a phone to call someone to orchestrate a date. Now I'm not a gold a digger, but can you please at least have the basic necessities to get you through life?…

Single, Black, and Gay Not Bitter.

I've come to the realization that I'm a single man who happens to be Black and Gay. I've been single, really most of my life. I say that because I'm 28 and I've never been married and I'm okay with that. Most people especially in the LGBT Community feel that if you are approaching 30 and still single then either you're bitter or either you should stop trying.
  Well I refuse to give into the belief that all single, Black, SGL Men are bitter and we should stop trying. What about those of us who have tried honestly but the whole relationship thing just didn't pan out. It could've been because we made too much money, we are too fem, we are church boys, ballroom kids, or even because of a past mistake.
  There are times that I do long for that lasting relationship. The kind of  "Noah's Arc" fairy tale in which I meet and capture my "Wade." However, I'm patiently waiting and making sure I know who I am before I bring someon…

Thanks For More Free Publicity


It's Monday...Again

Lord, I thank you for this day. I thank you for this Monday. Let it be blessed, yet go by quickly.
Mondays are always that tough as nails day to get through. If you're working on Monday then you know exactly what I'm talking about. Y'all, Have a great Monday,

Happy Sunday!!!

It's Sunday. Smile and relax. Have a Blessed Sunday. Y'all Love ya, Musique