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Weekend Plans and Real Life

Well It's the weekend and I'm geared up for a weekend of music and rest. It is much needed. I'm still working on my single and getting funds together for the big move. Well. I'm out,

Faith- Kim Burrell and Andrae Crouch

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Faith causes you to believe when what you see tells you to doubt. Faith gives you that extra push. Hold on to your faith. Love ya,

#TBT Thursday Love-John P. Kee

Hello Everyone,
  I just want to spread love to you all. Love is necessary. Love is free and love does not envy, love does not bash, and love tells the truth. Don't forget to show love to all who come across your path. You never know what a person is going through. Love knows no bounds.
  Jesus Taught us this lesson in his word. What the world needs now is love.

June 27th is National HIV Testing Day

via IFTTTGet Tested Know Your Status: Info on Truvada: Get Tested Know Your Status: Info on Truvada:

Don't Be A Thirsty Th....

via IFTTTDon't be thirsty...It makes you look like a thot. Don't be thirsty...It makes you look like a thot.

Indiana's Ban on Gay Marriage Struck Down

The US is on the move with Marriage Equality. On today A Federal judge has struck down the ban on Gay Marriage in the state of Indiana. According to Huffingpost "U.S. District Judge Richard Young said the state's ban violates the U.S. Constitution's equal-protection clause in a mixed ruling involving lawsuits from several gay couples." Young did not immediately issue a stay on the ruling, allowing couples to marry immediately. the Indiana attorney general's office plans to appeal the decision. The ruling could be stayed under appeal. WAY TO GO. MARRIAGE EQUALITY IN THE USA!!!

♫Musique's Poetry♫

Where Jesus Is (Andrae Crouch Cover Part 2) #YoutubeAWeek14

via IFTTTA Cover of Andrae Crouch's "Where Jesus Is" Destination DMV: Bradley's Music : A Cover of Andrae Crouch's "Where Jesus Is" Destination DMV: Bradley's Music :

LONG LIVE THE KING OF POP: Rest in Paradise Michael Jackson

RIP Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. You've left us a great legacy. Sing on in Glory. See you soon, Musique (Tribute videos of his greatest hits and with the Jackson 5 below)


Many of you all have been wondering how to catch a boyfriend? Well Montre of Montre Bible and Youtube, gives us some tips on how to meet a boyfriend. Guys listen up!!! Montre has some great some tips for you all. Get into his video below.

Shirley Miller-I Must Go On


The Truth About Cheney