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Is the World Ready For An Openly Gay Gospel Artist?

Is the World ready for an Openly Gay Gospel Artist?  I have been asking this question for quite sometime.  When I ask myself this question I think of one of my favorite singers, B. Slade and his transition from Tonex.  
His coming out and transition to R&B, really rocked the Christian world and the God heads really threw shade upon him.  However, have you ever noticed a lot of feminine, yet closeted male Gospel singers who are singing the gospel? Not to mention when Famed Pace Sister, Dejuaii Pace admitted to being a lesbian, I felt that a door was open for openly Gay Gospel and Christian artists. However, its not so much as the world, but is the CHURCH, ready for an openly Gay artist? Although we have a lot of Gay friendly and Gay Affirming Ministries, is there room for an openly LGBT artist?
  It's nothing new on Sunday mornings to hear anti-gay rhetoric and the shame is that you have fellow LGBT, open and down low, bashing other gays.  Let's be real, if it wasn't…

Stupidity and Musique Do NOT MIX!!!

One thing I have a low tolerance for is stupidty.  Unfortunately everyday that I go to work or deal with people in general, I have to deal with stupidty.  Stupidity is one of those things that really anger me and may have it's consequences.   I work in a field in which I deal with the general public and I have that one in every bunch that tests my character and ability to not yell "You idiot." It's something when you deal with argumentative people that are upset over something that is their fault!!! I've had people wonder why their account was closed or why they are receiving a notice of cancellation...Apparently there was no payment received on your account...They often times act like I had something to do with it.   Not only do I deal with it at work, but even with family.  There's always that one family member who has your screwed up. For instance, Uncle Dearest often has stupid moments. Just last night Uncle Dearest asked if I wanted to sample a dish tha…

The Black Church: Witch Hunts on the Gays

Many of you are familiar with the Salem Witch Hunts that took place in the earlier part of History in which people in the Puritan Colonies would be called a witch and be put through water boarding tests and tortured which would force them into confessing.
  In today's society the witch hunt is in the Black Church and it is thrown at the Gays, Bisexuals, Down Low Men, and especially Transgender.  It is nothing new to hear a pastor in the pulpit say "I'd rather have a son that's a murderer than a sissy,"  or my personal favorite "God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve."  These are all things that I've grown up hearing all the time. When I was younger I didn't understand it, but now that I'm older and I am who I am, I've learned a lot more about myself and life in general.
  As I've grown and have left and have come back to the church, I've learned that in most traditional churches, there is a witch hunt much like that of …

Thursday Laugh: Be Careful What Can You Open

Take a lesson from Edna

Is It Ever Okay to Date Your Friend's Ex?

For the Question of the Day...Is it Ever cool to date you friend's ex? Do you see a problem with it? Yes or no?
  I saw a post on Facebook and it got my Piscean gears to turning. Could I or would I date my best friends ex?  I came to the conclusion of saying within myself "HELL NO!!!!"
  The reason my reply is "Hell No," is because I feel that certain boundaries would be crossed and jealousy could arise.  Let's say the relationship was a bad relationship because your friend or the ex made some crappy choices. You and the ex start dating and the best friend tries to warn you of what the ex is capable of. Nine times out of ten you'd think the friend is jealous or wants the ex back when it could be they are looking out for your well being.
  Next scenario, what if the break-up was mutual or they may still be cut buddies (Friends with benefits), that could add some drama between you and the friend especially if there are certain attachments there. Me per…

Bradley vs Racism and KKK Propaganda

via IFTTTI hate ignorance I hate ignorance

I Have No Life

Today, I took a moment to examine my life. I've come to the realization that I have no life.  All I do is work, church, and come home.  Yes, I've entered into a new relationship and I'm working on my first album and relocation to NorthWest DC, however it seems that there is just not enough time.
  I try to make sure that I enjoy life, however, it seems to piss people off whenever I take time for myself. Granted I spend time working on this blog and trying to make it work for me so I won't have to punch a steady 9-5 and I also try to spend time clearing my mind however sometimes I just feel like I get burned out!!!
  Sometimes I just want to scream!!!
  I'm almost 30 years old (2016) and I feel like I'm behind.  While everyone is buying their dream homes and married, I'm still dating and still trying to get half of what they have.  I feel that I have no life. I feel that I'm in danger of being unaccomplished.  I see that people that are younger than…

Lord Jesus, It's Monday

Have a great Monday!!!

When Sunday Comes

It's Sunday! Time for church or a day of rest. Enjoy your day. Let the sun shine on you today.