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Happy Birthday Whitney Houston

Happy Birthday, Whitney.         We Miss You.              The Melody Still Lingers On.

Did You Know?

Knowledge is Power

It's Friday

We made it!!!! It's Finally Friday. Time To Turn Up!!!
Enjoy your day. Speak your dreams into existence.

Live through it

via IFTTTNo matter what has happened or what is going on you shall live through it Destination DMV: Twitter/Instagram: bradleyshow No matter what has happened or what is going on you shall live through it Destination DMV: Twitter/Instagram: bradleyshow

I'll Keep Holding On -Kim Burrell

I love me some Pastor Kim Burrell.  Her Jazz infused style of Gospel will reach your soul. She is a force to be reckoned with.
  One of my favorite songs by Pastor Burrell is "I'll Keep Holding On." It is a modern, fusion jazz rendition of the hymn "Hold to God's Unchanging Hand."
  This song will encourage you that no matter what goes on in your life, that you must hold to God's unchanging hand. Never let go and make sure you get really good grip.
  Get into "I'll Keep On Holding On,"  by Pastor Kim Burrell

Destination DMV Is Still A Go

Many people have been asking me "Lyric, when are you moving to the DMV." My response has been "2015." With recent transitions and unexpected situations, I've had to push the move back. However, I am not going to stress it.   I know many of you shade queens have been saying "Girl, Lyric ain't going anywhere." Well, I have news for you: I'M STILL GOING AND YOU ALL ARE GOING TO GAG DARLING!!!   Right now, I am not doing a lot of talking about the move, but I'm working and moving and making some things happen for me. While everyone is waiting and watching, I'm still yet working on Destination DMV.  It may not happen in my timing, but in God's timing it will happen. Selah,
Musique aka Lyric

Don't Make Me Open It

Today is stressful. As I write this blog, I'm at work and severely irritated. With dealing with rude, stupid customers and annoying relatives, I am ready to beat someone down....I'm ready to open a can of whoop ass on someone...
Lord, help me before I catch a case.

@VinesMatthew Biblical Arguments Against Debunked...Biblically

Who is Matthew Vines? Matthew Vines is an advocate of the LGBTQ Community in the Christian church and society as a whole. Some of his views are deemed controversial and goes against the Bible. However, after attending Harvard from 2008-2010 he took a leave of absence to research the Bible and Homosexuality. He also took to working and advocating for the inclusion of the LGBTQ Community in the Church.  This author of God and the Gay Christian.    Many of you have seen his recent youtube video Biblically debunking what has been traditionally taught in the Christian church against homosexuality. Get into some knowledge below.

The Reason I Blog

One thing I'm learning to do in life is to take some time out for me.  With a more than hectic schedule and life changes all around me, I realize that me time is very effective and necessary.  Sometimes in life we've got to yell "Time Out!!!"
 There is nothing wrong with regrouping yourself.  The reason why I'm writing this piece is that right now I feel a little burnt out with life, blogging, and what not. However, I'm still going to continue to write.
  I often wonder, if what I'm writing interesting. I ask myself "how many people are viewing this blog," "why do you keep blogging for," "what's your point."  For each question I have an answer.
  First answer, Just as long as one person views this blog I am happy. Second Answer, I keep blogging to help others and to ease my mind. Third answer, Everyone needs an encouraging word, some news, or some truth.  I may not be a celebrity or media whore blogger, nor am I a faggot…

6 People In A Relationship


Oh No It's Monday

Oh No It's Monday... Make it count...Monday will not piss me off


Remember, you are fabulous. You are fearfully made. Don't let people determine your value. God set the price too high when he made you.