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Enjoy Your Saturday....Don't Make Me Open This!!!!

It's Saturday. Enjoy your day off and relax. Don't let people get to you.... Just don't open a can of whoopass.
Have a great weekend!!!!

Exes and Oh's

Many of us have exes. Many times we have tried over and over again for whatever reason to be with that ex.  I've learned that they are an ex for a reason. Just remember that some people are only in your life for a season.  In my third video for the Bradley Show, I discuss the topic of Exes and Ohs. Get into it below.

Ain't No Queen Climbing My Back

Many of you heard many Black Gay Men say "ain't not queen climbing my back." This means that feminine tops are disqualified from topping feminine bottoms. Now don't get me wrong, this butch queen has had his share of topping glory. However, Many masculine as well as feminine gays automatically assume that a bottom is feminine and a top is masculine.  It is also stated that "inbetween" gays are versatile. This saying has been around for ages.  A "Queen" (Kween) is described often as a feminine gay man or one who doesn't quite fit the stereotypical guise or societal view of what a man is suppose to be. For Society a man is to be rough, tough and hard while a woman is the dainty, flower of the group. However it is not always so.   The fact is that there are feminine Gay Men. They are in every race, ethnic background culture, religion.  Despite efforts to conform to the social norm, they stand out like a sore thumb on a whore in church. Referri…

He's Cute, But The Femininity is Ugly

Many of us Black Gay Men have heard the saying "no fats, no fems," and sayings such as the like.  I've heard people in my crew say " he was cute, until he sounded like a girl," or " He would be sexy if he wasn't such a queen."
   Many people confuse femininity in a Black Gay man with the over the top, Flamboyant Gay man.  A Feminine man who shares characteristics that society deem are more equated to a woman. However, a flamboyant man is "extra," over the top, loud, and often times draws unnecessary attention to themselves. Sometimes it's the excess that is unattractive.
  However, with this blog, I want to explore the fact that feminine men are often seemed as undesirable or just plain filthy or disgusting.  Well, I have news for all you "no fats, no fems," brothers out there:  We are more man that you will ever be.
  Many are asking "Musique, how can you say that." For starters we are more man than you will e…

A Refreshing: I Can't Quit

Sometimes in life we need what I call a "a refreshing." What is a refreshing? A refreshing is a new or different experience that restores the mind body and soul.
  That is where I am at right now.  I need a refreshing. I need something new in my life. I need new ideas, and I need a change of scenery.
  We all go through that period in life to where the ordinary won't do. This comes after thinking about closing this blog. However, talking to my friend, BB, I changed my mind. BB told me "You'll be fine, Sugar. Stop thinking so hard."
  The truth is, sometimes I do have a tendency to over think things when it comes down to what I want to do for this blog.  It's coming to a point to where I have to stop doing that. Over thinking causes brain farts as well as stress, depression, worried, and unnecessary headaches.
  I'm thankful for this conversation on tonight. I can't quit until it is time for me to quit this blog and move on to bigger and bet…

My Labor Day Weekend

Hey Family. I pray that all is well with you all. Things are well. My labor day weekend was great. I spent it with family and the Bae. We went to Atlanta for some festivities and came back to sleep all day and eat up all we could at Grandma Musique's house.
  I pray that your weekend was safe. I will be back to regular blogging tomorrow. Love ya,