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Let Me Dream

Let Me Dream. Let me rip this prison's seams.  Let my thoughts become a reality. This is no longer a fantasy. As I rise among the masses, my dreams must come to pass. Let Me Be, Happy To See, The dreams  come to be and cause me to beam.

Domestic Violence Is Not Cool

via IFTTTDomestic violence should be dealt with. My views on the Ray Rice incident. Destination DMV Bradley's Music: Domestic violence should be dealt with. My views on the Ray Rice incident. Destination DMV Bradley's Music:

Embrace Yourself

via IFTTTEmbrace Yourself. Live, Love, and Be Free Destination DMV Embrace Yourself. Live, Love, and Be Free Destination DMV

Save the Voting Rights Act!!!!

Wednesday Thoughts: Life, Love, and Music (Check Out the Videos)

Music is my life, my passion, and my love.  I've been singing since I was a child.  I started taking piano lessons at the age of 5 and even majored in music and obtained a Bachelor's degree in music in 2009.    Many people ask me why I chose music. Well, Music is a universal language that reaches everyone.  It touches the very soul. It brings people together. I'm like Patti Labelle, Music Is My Way of Life.  Music is the way I am.
  That's why I'm so adamant about furthering my music career and furthering my passion. I have great plans for myself. I would like to do workshops as well as act as well.  Hell, I want to finally live my dream.  If I don't do it, who else will.   Below are some samples of some covers that I've done. Let me know what you think.

Wait It Out

Whenever you are in a storm, wait it out. Don't jump ship.  Stay on board.  If you stay on board and wait it out, you'll see the rainbow when the storm is over.
Love ya,

You Say "Queen" Like It's a Bad Thing

In the LGBTQ Community, the word "queen," is often used to describe a feminine or flamboyantly gay man.  It is often times used in a derogatory meaning.  Now remember the original meaning of the word "queen," is a woman who rules or a woman who was chosen to royalty due to birthright.   Well this weekend I went out with some friends to relieve some stress and to enjoy some me and the crew time since it has been a while since I had been out and about. Well I went and meet a friend that we'll call "Randy" at one of the spots that is known for great entertainment and hot dance music   Well I met a friend of Randy's that I didn't know.  We'll call him "Terry." Well, I was dancing and Terry says to me "Wow, you dance like a queen," and laughed. I laughed as well. I then said "I know. I am a queen."   Terry laughed and I continued to dance and ignore him.   The shade of it all was the fact that he was more flambo…

Strength in Saying "No"

Recently I had a situation in which someone called me "weak" just for saying no to a proposition that could land me in a lot of trouble spiritually and could really mess up my life. That often happens in life whenever someone offers us a deal that sounds too good to be true or when we are in relationship and someone wants to sample our tasteful nectar saying no will make them mad and cause us to seem like a punk, wuss, or weak. However,  I've often found that saying "no" is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of us being stronger than what we thought.
  Saying "no," will also allow you to see who your real friends are.  Whenever a person asks you for a favor and you really can't help them and you say "no," their reaction and actions will say a lot.  If they say "I understand man. You're always there for me," they are very understanding. If afterwards they still hang around you and end up giving back to you for what you&…