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I'm Good At It


What is Really Going On?

Destination DMV Is Still In View for 2015. I've had to shift some things around due to some unfortunate circumstances. However, everything is coming up roses. Be sure to click the picture if  you would like to help me reach my destination. Love ya, Musique

Labelle- What Can I Do For You?

Patti, Sarah, and Nona took the world by storm as LaBelle.  Their many hits include "Lady Marmalade," "MoonShadow," and my personal favorite, "What Can I Do For You."
Check out, "What Can I Do For You," below.

You Talking Smack, But My Paper is Stacked

via IFTTTHaters make me famous!!!! Destination DMV Musique's Poetry Bradley's Music Haters make me famous!!!! Destination DMV Musique's Poetry Bradley's Music

New Beginnings, Regaining Focus October 1st, 2014

Well It's October 1st, 2014. A New Beginning. A New Month. It's been 4 years since I've seriously start blogging and I love where this blog is going.  Blogging has become such a release for me.
  In the last few of weeks, I've endured hardships, a break up, and great triumphs. This month is marking a new beginning for me and I love being refreshed.  This sexy, Butch Queen, is making waves for himself and taking himself to new heights.
  In the few years of me making this blog, I have really found myself and I'm loving myself. I've got to keep on living and achieving great things for my life.
  Like Dorinda Clark Cole says "This Is It For Me."  I have a bright future ahead of me. I look forward to this move to the DMV and I look Forward to furthering my music career.
  Well I'm out,

Sexy Tuesday

Have a great day. Smile and take charge. Love ya,

@IAmDuphotMusic Happy Birthday and 2 New Singles

I want to send Birthday Love to the Dynamic and Ovah Bjorn Duphot!!! In Honor of his birthday I'm asking you to please support him and look out for two new singles being released on 9/30/2014. On that date you will have a Love Overload that will make you work your Black Stilettos. Click the Pictures Above and Below to purchase these awesome singles or You can also Go to IAmDuphotMusic.Com to purchase Bjorn's latest singles. They will be available via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Shazam, Google Play, and Spotify.

Amateur Night Is Over

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