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Happy National Coming Out Day


A National Coming Out Day Present: Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down in NC

Happy National Coming Out Day. I have great news on October 10, 2014  A federal judge found that North Carolina's ban on same-sex couples' marriages, passed by voters in 2012, is unconstitutional.   This move follows the Supreme Court decision on Monday morning to deny the attempted appeal of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals decision striking down Virginia's ban on same-sex marriages as well.
  I'm truly excited as North Carolina has become the latest state to legalize Gay marriage which, it should have never been illegal in the first place.  I wonder which states are next?  i'm so excited.Love ya and congrats to NC
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Nevada State Senator and Partner Marry

Congrats to Nevada State Senator Kelvin Atkinson and his partner of six years, Sherwood Howard. They became the first same-sex couple to be legally married in Las Vegas history.
   History is being made. Congrats to the newly weds.

Stop Searching, It Will Come

It's been almost a month since my break up with my last lover.  Things seemed to be going well for the 2 months that we were together, however entering
 into the third phase or third month I noticed that his communication would get slack, unless he needed money or needed some type of assistance.  My ex, whom we'll call "Anton," turned out to be a sweet dream and beautiful nightmare.  Anton seemed like the perfect one for me, but then there were too many red flags and I began catching him in several lies. He would complain about me doing church work and accuse me of not making time for him, when I would sacrifice time with friends and family for him.  However, Anton could not sacrifice for me. So , I had to let him go.   I know my worth and I know what I deserve, and I deserve better than a quickie and more than a relationship out of convenience for what I can do.  I need someone that can value me as whole and will treat me like the King that I am.  I didn't rea…

I'm Not a Bitch....All the Time

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SC Supreme Court Halts Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

After yesterdays, news of a Same Sex couple obtaining a marriage license in South Carolina, The South Carolina issued an injunction to stop a Charleston judge from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
  The court also ordered all other probate judges to refrain from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples until a decision is made in a lawsuit pending in federal court.   Although Probate Judge Irvin Condon issued a marriage license to a same sex couple early Wednesday,  South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson asked the state Supreme Court to issue an injunction to prevent Condon from issuing any licenses to gay couples.   Wilson stated in his motion "This case is about following the rule of law and the legal process."  He also added "a court official cannot decide not to follow state law because he deems it to be unconstitutional. It is his duty to follow the law until the law is judicially declared invalid, the motion states."    Wilson labeled Con…

#TBT The Joy of Stealing

Why do people feel that they can steal someone's mate? If someone's mate leaves with you, then they willingly left. You didn't steal someone's boo thang.
Get into an old video I did on the Bradley Show Below  about the Joy of Stealing.

Gay Marriage is Happening in South Carolina

This is Great News for South Carolina!!!! A South Carolina court has issued a marriage license to a same-sex couple despite the state's (un)constitutional ban against Same Sex Marriages and the Butthole Attorney General's pledge to uphold it.  On Wednesday, Charleston County Probate Judge Irvin Condon issued the license to Charleston County Councilwoman Colleen Condon and Nichols Bleckley.  Earlier in the week the SCOTUS decided not to hear appeals of a ruling allowing same-sex marriage by a federal appeals court with jurisdiction over South Carolina. Condon states that as a result his court is required to accept and issue marriage licenses.  State AG Alan Wilson vowed to keep fighting against the case in wich a same-sex couple married in another state asking South Carolina to recognize their union. On Monday morning, a Wilson spokesperson stated that the AG was reviewing the matter.  I feel that South Carolina is taking a step towards progression...let's fight for our r…

OCTOBER: LGBT History Month

It is LGBT History Month. This is time to consider, the LGBTQIAP Communities Achievements, Triumphs, as well as Statements. Let us Keep Those who  Have Trail-blazed the path for us. Love ya, Musique

@_Maleficentt Got 2B Real: Iyanla: Fix Their Life

Surprise, Surprise!!!! It's BACK!!!!  Got 2B Real, the Diva Variety Show from the vision of Patti LaHelle, is back with a surprise update. In this "where are they now" special, Iyanla Vanzant, life coach and host of Iyanla's Fix My Life. tries her hand at fixing the lives of the divas. Is she able to break through the shade and mend their lives? Click on the video below to get your answer.

@TheGrouchyPuppy Why Gays Love Straights

Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Isayaah Parker. He is one of my favorite bloggers and vloggers. He spits real truth and speaks what some are afraid to say.  In a recent video on his Youtube Channel, Isayaah makes us ponder the reason why gays love straights.  Get into his video below.

R&R For Musique

Today is a day of rest for me!!!!  By the time you are reading this post, I have just gotten my crazy behind off the road from a trip the Washington, DC for a church service with the Bestie, Senor Paco.   I really enjoyed myself and I'm glad I went.  Not to mention that I was on vacation from work for a few days because, let's face it, I don't take enough dang vacations. That vacation time adds up. Not to mention, the last few weeks I have been working a bit of overtime to help with expenses in getting my car tuned up as well as helping family and making sure I'm grounded financially.   So After service today, it will be straight up rest and relaxation for me.  I do not want to be bothered...This sexy Butch Queen is going to relax. Love ya, Musique