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It Takes Two - Phyllis Hyman


You Can't Please Everyone


@DerrickDDixon and @dandacameraman Breakthrough

Meet Playwright, director, producer, actor, singer and author Derrick D. Dixon.  He is the mastermind behind 3DDD. Most of all Derrick D. Dixon is a proud father. He is also an educator concerning Autism and Seizure Disorders. Mr. Dixon is also the author of Don't Call Me Different, I Just Do It Differently: Our Journey With Autism. The book is based on a 13 year old dealing with Autism. The book encourages us that people living with Autism are people just like everyone else
  I was graced with Mr. Dixon's musical talents as I was enchanted by the message behind "Breakthrough." The song let's us know that our breakthrough is coming. We are not to "take impossible," because we are "brighter than the stars."
  The beat and music will make you get up and dance as if you're at a House Music Party. With cinematography by Dantrell "Dan Da Camerman" Cohen, the message comes to life with scenes  from life from which we have had our br…

Maybe I'm Crazy

Maybe I'm Crazy.  I'm not sure what you would call it. For the last 24 hours my mind has been all over the place and I've literally wanted to fall off the face of the Earth and just not be bothered.   I'm severely irritated with somethings at work and my head is just swimming with ideas and dreams that I want now.     I'm trying not to blow a gasket, while certain family members are ripping my nerves apart with their stupidity, but God knows all I can do is pray and seek refuge in Him.  I haven't been feeling like myself here lately for some reason.  It feels like I'm just here taking up space.     I'm feeling unfulfilled. Maybe I'm crazy or maybe I'm just bored with certain aspects in life.  I really need a change before I go snap, crackle, pop!!!!

I Stopped

I stopped worrying about other people. I stopped living my life to please their opinions. I stopped limiting myself. I stopped dying and started living. I stopped dreaming and started being. I stopped the norm, and became the abnormal. I stopped being their puppet, and I started being me. I stopped the bondage, and I've found my Freedom.

It's Monday and I'm Still Here

It's Monday and I'm still here. I'm just happy to be here. I didn't post this past Sunday due to a busy weekend. However, I am grateful to have had a relaxing time with friends and family.  More regular posting starting today.
Love ya,