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Monogamy, Polyamory, Or Open Relationships...Which are You?

We all know what Monogamy is. Monogamy is the type of relationship in which you are dedicated to one partner for a period of time, for a lifetime or it could be one sexual partner for a
select period of time.

  What is Polyamory? Polyamory is the practice of being in intimate relationship with more than one person with the consent and knowledge of everyone involved. This is different than being a swinger, which strictly emphasizes sex.

Finally, we define open relationships.  What is an open relationship? It may seem complicated, but an open relationship involves two people who want to be together, but they are non monogamous. The two agree that it is okay to have another romantic relationship or sexual relationship at the same. The agreement is mutual, permitted, accepted, and tolerated.

Which one are you? Are you monogamous, polyamorous, or into open relationships? Me personally I'm a serial monogamist.  If I'm with you, I'm with you.  In my opinion, and no I'm not j…

Let Them Make A Fool Of Themselves

Sometimes in this precious life, when people want to act stupid, you've got to let them act stupid by themselves. Whenever they want to assault your characters, smile and continue to do you and be proud.  That is how you give your naysayers and haters a good Can O' Whoop Ass to the gut.
  I'm learning that right now, as I live my dream and become the OVAH Yannick Taylor that I can be, I realize that not everyone will be happy for me. I'm okay with that. I am not going to let that bother me.  I'm learning that with homophobic members of my family on Daddy's side, that I'm just gonna have to move on without their support.
  It's sad, but I've made it without support from family before and I'll do it again.  I guess that's the plan for my life. Well I'm out,

#TBT The Growing Inspirations

The picture above is of the Guys of a church choir that I used to sing with called "The Growing Inspirations."  I was about 6 or 7 at the time that this picture was taken.  We used to sing in local churches and we've traveled as well.
  Guess which one is me...Yes the one up front with the pic smile and the bright...Yannick Taylor had a promising music career back in the 90s lol Look at God lol.
  One of my favorite songs that I used to sing was the Sounds of Blackness's "I Believe," that featured Ann Nesby.  I also loved singing hymns in church.
  Sadly, to say the Growing Inspirations dismantled in 1999, after many trials and tribulations and church drama.  Now with the Growing Inspirations, I did experience times where church folks were on a witch hunt, because I was obviously "different" as they would call it and because I honed my craft and make sure I did my best in all my endeavors.
  But it's neither here nor there.
  Have a great …

Missouri State Judge Strikes Down Gay Marriage Ban

BREAKING: State judge strikes down #Missouri's same-sex marriage ban! via #NOH8 #LGBT #MarriageEquality #Equality
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So as of November 4th , 2014, The Republicans have taken over the Senate and House. I am very disappointed and irked.  I'm irked because I let people know the importance of yesterdays elections. NEWS FLASH: THE PRIMARIES ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT AS THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.   Not only will families and equal rights be in danger, but Marriage Equality, ENDA for LGBTQIAP members of Community, and everything that the current administration has worked for.  In my opinion it will be a little more difficult to get things done the RIGHT WAY!!!   Now while everyone is playing the "blame Obama,"  game, you must also look at the dimwits that he's had to work with. Bigoted, traditional, hypocritical Republikkkans, that only have their best interests at heart.   What I don't understand is why poor, Gay, and Black people would vote for a group of people that does not hold them in any regard whatsoever?  Some please riddle me that!!!! This Republican may prove fatal, however the …

I Stopped Looking For An Apology

via IFTTTI stopped looking for an apology and Just Learned to Forgive. It lifts the load when you forgive them without the apology Destination DMV Yannick's Music: I stopped looking for an apology and Just Learned to Forgive. It lifts the load when you forgive them without the apology Destination DMV Yannick's Music:

Tsu: Join Me

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10 Reasons It's Awesome Being a Black Gay Man