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Face Your Future


Busy Weekend

Hey Guys, Today Marks the Start of a Busy Weekend For Me As I post this, I am on the road traveling for some good times with friends, and some heavy hitting performances. Love ya, Yannick

#ThrowbackThursday Balm in Gilead- The Clark Sisters


Open Season On Black Men

via IFTTTMy views on concerning the death of Mike Brown and Eric Gardner and Similar Cases My views on concerning the death of Mike Brown and Eric Gardner and Similar Cases

2014 Living with HIV: Motherly Love and The Black Church

It's 2014 and I'm still here by God's grace and his wisdom.  It's been two years since, my diagnosis with HIV. It's been two years since my life began, not stop.   Throughout those two years, I've had ups and downs, I've had love and I've lost love. I've gained friends and I've lost friends.  My biggest test concerning my HIV status, was when it was revealed to people that I deal with in the church.   Now you know that most church people feel that HIV/AIDS is a curse on the homosexual community and those who are sexually adventurous. This myth is so far from the truth.  There are many people in the church, be it unspoken, that are knowingly living with the virus and some are infected and do not know their status.     One of the Mothers of the church that I affectionately call "Momma," asked me what was going on with me one day.  I had just began my medicinal regimine and I really didn't want to talk about it out of fear of being…

Good Morning, Love

Good Morning Love. I see you staring at me as I get ready to head to the office. Good Morning. Your taste awakens me like a cup of Folgers Coffee in the Morning Time. It feeds me like a Grand Slam at Denny's. Good Morning Love. I'll Be Home at 5.

World AIDS Day 2014

It is World AIDS Day.   Know Your Status. Get Tested. Seek Treatment and Stay in Treatment  If You Are Positive.
Protect Yourself. USE CONDOMS!!!!

Where are the religious leaders? #Ferguson #MikeBrown

In the wake of the Ferguson riots, all Pro-Black people have come out of the woodworks. My question is where are all the religious leaders? Where are all the preachers and evangelists at a time like this? Where are the supposed to be Peacemakers? Where are they?   Many of them are so busy being pimps in the pulpit instead of helping their community. They are also trying to have the next megachurch.  Did you know that the church is outside of the four walls and that's where real ministry is? Did you also know that the Bible Tells us that we are supposed to stand up for the civil rights and civil liberties of others?     Instead of preaching against homosexuality and sex, it's time to preach against injustices, racism, sexism, hatred, and discrimination. These are the things that are really destroying the community. Forget about who isn't tithing and paying an offering, what about the lives of young people lost to a corrupt justice system. I guess they forgot about that p…