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Crying Isn't A Sign of Weakness



I have many pet peeves. One of my biggest pet peeves is when you're giving someone information and they ask you a question that you just answered.  THAT IS FREAKING ANNOYING!!!!! I work in customer service and it irks me when you are giving an explanation and you have to repeat yourself several times.   It makes me wonder i "Why am I wasting my time when you aren't listening."  It's enough that unfortunately when it comes down to my sexuality and gender identity as a transfeminine/transgender person that people hear only hear what they want.    When will people shut the hell up and listen?! Did you know that listening is fundamental?  When you don't listen you make yourself look like a donkey's ass.  Take the time out to listen. It will enrich your life. Smooches, Musique

Le Petite Prince International Movie Trailer

Michigan Citizens against the The Religious Freedom Restoration Act

I am deeply disturbed with the state of Michigan Right Now. So apparently they are feeling their religious Not So Rights At this moment by reintroducing the  Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This act of hate allows for the LGBTQIAP Community to be refused treatment, jobs, and other God given rights due to someone's so called religion. It not only affects the LGBTQIAP Community but
It affects none Christians as well. Imagine being discriminated against because of your race, religion, sexual orientation, or simply because some  religious butthole feels that you don't deserve treatment. The last time checked, Yahweh Loved everyone and  detested hatred. Let's fight this bill by signing this petition below. Love ya, Musique

Skin Care Overhaul

via IFTTTA Skin Care Overhaul Destination DMV: Yannick's Music: Twitter/IG YannickTMusic My facebook: A Skin Care Overhaul Destination DMV: Yannick's Music: Twitter/IG YannickTMusic My facebook:

HIV PSA : Thank you @ItzDyvon

I'm BACK!!!!

Hey Family,    I'm back!!!! I've had a busy weekend and I needed some time away. I did win my category for BQ Up in Pumps!!!! I'm very excited.  Despite many things that have happened over the weekend and some arguments that ensued, however things are going better than expected.     I'm refreshed, happy, however I did end up leaving the Ballroom scene over the weekend.  I proved my point that I am a winner not only for Grand Prizes but for of the year in some areas.  I've had a good run for the year lol.    Now my focuses are on building my brand as Yannick Taylor, Yannick's Youtube, This Blog, and Ministry.  I'm also working moving to the DMV. Things are slowly but surely coming together.  Just keep me in prayer.  More exciting posts are coming soon, Yannick

For The Rest of My Life - Dorinda Clark Cole Cover