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Tips On Surviving Christmas 2014

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Writers Block Again, CRAP!!!

Every now and then, I go through a period in which I have no idea as to what write in this blog.  Unfortunately, again, it is at that point again.  I have so much that I want to say, but I don't know where to begin.
  I could write about how stressful life has been since I've moved back in with Uncle Dearest.  Its like I can't freaking focus on anything that I would like to do or write.  I can't even focus on music or spending time with my boo because every 5 minutes, my name is getting called because the jack-ass is too lazy to do anything for his damned self. I could write about how much I want another job and to move to Washington D.C. but it seems like I can never find the job that I need nor a place to stay and it seems as if nothing is going my way or the way I planned it.
  Maybe I should write about howI feel that my creative juices are suffering as a result of all the stress and stupidity from my uncle. OR maybe I should write about me discovering myself a…

Celebrate You

Celebrate you. Forget What People Want You To Be. Celebrate Your Being. Yannick

Join United Covenant Fellowship of Believers Cathedral Dec 28th


I HATE BIGOTRY: God Help Pat Robertson

It has been a few days or more since I've last written my actual thoughts in this blog. As I look at society and religious groups, I realize that one that I hate is bigotry.  I cannot stand someone who is intolerant of a different culture, belief, orientation, opinion, or anything that is different from their own belief.  With the recent attack on the Gay community by asshat Pat Robertson from the 700 Club, I wonder if God is really pleased with such hatred and ignorance.
  He can't be of course. For starters , Pat a so called Christian is full of hate and it is obvious from the speeches he always speaks concerning the Gays.  As much time as he spends demeaning other people it makes me wonder if Pat is gay himself. You know what they say, you talk enough ish about a group of people, you become suspect.  To me Pat Robertson has become no just senile but a lot of crap. for Christ's Sake He sounds and looks like my last bowel movement.
  It's people like Pat Robertson …

New Things For Yannick

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Earth Shaking News....God Loves the Gays

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Song of the Week :Avery Sunshine-Time To Shine


Santa Helps Explain Gays to Kids


Finding Me: Let Me Be Me

Many of you know my coming out story and my struggle concerning family and being who I am.  Well, I must say each day I live, I find out a new area about myself.  Here lately I've been getting in touch which another side of me. I've found out that I am very androgynous. I love switching it up a bit and dressing to what feels comfortable.   Now society says "Yannick, you're a man so dress and act like it," but I say I am me, let me be me and let me find out what works and doesn't work without you telling me.  The picture above is me shortly after I won grand prize at a recent ball. You can tell that I have on make up and eye shadow and I'm dressed very feminine.   I felt so comfortable being dressed as such.  However there has been issues with religious people, family, and friends. I've been asked "Where is this femme and androgynous side coming from," as if someone has influenced me to be this way. The truth is no one has told me anything.…