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Join Me On Tsu, #TSUNation

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Love Conference With United Covenant Fellowship Of Believers


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2015 Is MINE!!!!

We made it to 2015 and I declare that 2015 is MINE!!!! 2014 was a great year. I found love and lost love. Gained friends, lost friends. I've found myself and I've created some great things.  I dare not take anything for granted.  However, 2015 has much more in store for me. It has greater in store.    I refuse to take any baggage with me into 2015.  For the last couple days, my mind has been turning, planning, and plotting things for me and how I can help others pull out the best in them in 2015. So Far, It's a go.  I cannot wait till the completion of Destination DMV and for the day that Yannick Taylor causes many to have an eargasm.   Also for this year I'm looking for a better job.    The key that to having a new thing happen for me is speaking those things into existence. 2015 is mine. How about you?
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Kanye West and Paul McCartney "Only One"

Well the Collaboration of Kanye West and Paul McCartney wasn't just a rumor. Today West and McCartney (Beatles Legend) released a hit single, ballad, "Only One."  The Ballad is based from the perspective of West's deceased mother Donda who passed away in 2007 due to surgery complications.

New Year, New Thoughts #2015YANNICKT

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Happy New Year!!!!

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RIP #Leelah Alcorn: #TranslivesMatter

For the last couple of days my heart has been heavy.  I've been reading of the suicide of Transgender Teen Leelah Alcorn who committed suicide by walking in front of an oncoming tractor trailer. My heart is bothered and troubled.   After read the last Tumblr post from Leelah, I learned that the reason for the suicide was her rejection from her family.  It hurts to see my Transgender family hurting in any form or fashion. The fact that the parents were cowards and used religion to disgrace Leelah irks my freaking nerves. I do offer my condolences.   Throughout this child's coming of age and into being the Christian parents would only take her to biased, Christian therapists in order to "cure" her.  Obviously in this case religion didn't work.  Let's stop using religion to treat things that aren't broken.  There was nothing wrong with Leelah. What pisses me off is that these religious asshats had the balls to say that Leelah was "wrong," and &q…

@RnbowConnection A First Time For Everything

After losing his job at a restaurant as a chef an ambitious man struggling to find work turns to an alternate lifestyle to make ends meet

Paradise-Faith Evans Featuring Karen Clark Sheard and B. Slade

Don't You want to live in Paradise? What do you get when you gather Faith Evans, B. Slade, and Karen Clark Sheard? A Paradise straight from the musical heart of God.

Chris Brown Doing Praise and Worship


Dreaming About The Ex

If you read this blog, then you know that I am currently in a relationship.  You would also know that the relationship prior to this one was not a healthy.  That ex whom we'll call Lucious was a user, liar, cheater, and your all around stunt queen!!!   Well on Friday night, I came home from work and I took a nap.  Guess who I dreamed about....The Stunt Queen Lucious. I dreamed that he and I were still dating.  I dreamed that Lucious and I were to meet my grandmother for dinner however, he had me to take him to a trap house to see someone that we all knew he hated.  However, he had me to call the police to alert them of drug activity.  I unwillingly called, and thought nothing of it.  Apparently, this was one of his stunts to get back at someone and redeem himself. Instead, in the dream, the police traced the call back to my phone and arrested me at my grandmother's house and I began explaining what happened.   The police then explained that they had been looking for my ex fo…