2015 Is MINE!!!!

We made it to 2015 and I declare that 2015 is MINE!!!! 2014 was a great year. I found love and lost love. Gained friends, lost friends. I've found myself and I've created some great things.  I dare not take anything for granted.  However, 2015 has much more in store for me. It has greater in store. 
  I refuse to take any baggage with me into 2015.  For the last couple days, my mind has been turning, planning, and plotting things for me and how I can help others pull out the best in them in 2015. So Far, It's a go.  I cannot wait till the completion of Destination DMV and for the day that Yannick Taylor causes many to have an eargasm.   Also for this year I'm looking for a better job. 
  The key that to having a new thing happen for me is speaking those things into existence. 2015 is mine. How about you?


  1. That's right. We have to claim what we want. I wish everyone achieve what their heart desires.


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