I'm Not Super Man

  In 2015, I'm making the statement that I am not Superman!!!  I can't be everything for everybody.  I tried that mess in 2014 and it just caused me heartaches and pains. 
  Sunday night I had so many people messaging me requiring my attention to their needs and their wants and much to their disappointment I had to say "no." Why did I say "no," simply because in 2015 I'm having to put myself first and think about what I want.  Sometimes I will have to balance and come to an agreement with some, but in 2015, I'm saying "no" to alot of people.  
  I refuse to put myself between a rock and a hard place just because someone gets in their feelings about what I can, cannot, will and will not do for them.  I will definitely say "no," if I see that you're not putting effort in changing your situation or trying to help yourself. I can only help you if you're trying.
  No more playing Captain Save a Hoe.  It's time out for that!!! Not in 2015.  If you waste your money on weed, liquor, and dumb stuff, oh well. You should learn from the last 12 months how that has panned out for you. 
  I can't be Superman or Captain save a hoe. It just doesn't work that way.


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